9 Cryptocurrencies That Could Make It Big in 2022

9 Cryptocurrencies That Could Make It Big in 2022
January 18, 2022

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency designed and developed for online use. It uses encryption techniques to regulate the generation of the currency, its transfer, and record liability. Cryptocurrency is the hottest word in the world right now and it is one of the most exciting things to happen this decade. With so much speculation and mist, it's hard to know which cryptocurrencies will make it big, with so many more popping up every day.

Join us as we go over a list of 9 cryptocurrencies we think might be the next hot commodity and that you should hold onto your investment coins while they are currently undervalued.


Bitcoin is a reliable and transparent form of digital currency that no individual or organization controls - meaning, unlike other payment methods like PayPal, Bitcoin can’t be frozen or seized by a government or third party. The main reason for this is that it's benefits are undisputable; its transparency, financial stability, decentralized nature, and fungibility make it easy to employ in everyday transactions Investors have increased their interest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Shiba Inu

This Cryptocurrency is based on a video game called DAoC and it may stand out amongst cryptocurrencies because of its ease of use. The Shiba Inu aims to provide users with easier access to personal finance management via both smartphone apps and BlockChain technology. The shiba inu coin started life as a joke currency featuring a cartoonized dog-cat with happy scenes from around Japan Blockchain coins are experiencing a boom in popularity, and many believe that there is still potential for growth in the assets listed. 


Polkadot is an innovative protocol powered by the Internet of blockchains that scalable and allows intelligent trade. It’s a new platform designed to make scalability, protection and accountability into first class capabilities via the industry-standard multi-signature addresses. In addition to being able to delegate signing power over your funds under certain circumstances, it also enables off-chain transactions and onion routing with guaranteed privacy.


Chainlink is a blockchain platform that rewards developers issuing tokens on the Chainlink blockchain. It also enables organizations to accomplish a wide range of business interactions without changing their existing software or forking new code. It's a decentralized, peer-to-peer Oracle network taking authentication and authorization to the next level by securing online transactions without 3rd parties.

Binance Coin (BNB)

The Binance coin is a ERC20 coin that can be used on any of Binance's cryptocurrency to trade or invest. While the company's main purpose is to set up an exchange and secure the trading of these coins, it has a goal of increasing the utility by bringing stability and transparency to the blockchain industry. The cryptocurrency was developed in 2017 by the founder of Binance, Zhao ChangPeng and has rapidly become part of the top 10 cryptocurrencies according to market cap.\

U.S. Dollar Coin (USDC)

The United States Dollar Coin is a cryptocurrency that has been developed as an alternative to digital currency. USDC can be sent, received, or kept in a digital wallet - without providing any personal information about its owner. USDC uses the Hyperledger Fabric framework and is based on the current market values of the dollar. A remarkably stable coin project with a 95% annual market cap value, USDC has been designed by smart players in the space as a "stable coin while not being backed" and also offers privacy protections: users are able to send transactions privately through zero knowledge proofs with this coin, 

Tether (USDT)

One cryptocurrency that is predicted to become popular in the short-term future is Tether (USDT). It was created on Bitcoin's blockchain as an ERC20 token which allows for instant transfers between digital assets. There has been speculation that the future of Tether (USDT) is on the green, which means that a lot of people may be in for a surprise if this turns out to be true. This cryptocurrency is a so-called 'stable coin' and its value allows it to remain relatively stable in comparison with other cryptocurrencies.


Solana is an open-source project aimed to power global telecommunications that can be mined on a blockchain. Solanaminable offers a P2P node hosting solution for developers. These nodes are required for a network to function. Solana, an upcoming crypto coin, is primarily focused on mobile advertising. Expect to see this token as a whole new way to target millions of consumers in emerging economies all over the world.


Ethereum has been gaining traction because of its decentralized structure and growth potential. With a strong foundation and a broad reach, there's no doubt that this innovative contracting system could be one of the most lucrative cryptocurrencies worth investing in for 2022. As more people start to invest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, the demand for “safe haven” coins is becoming greater. Adding an Ethereum marketplace for digital goods will make it easier for people to pay for their products anywhere with relative convenience.


In 2022, we could see cryptocurrencies that are hits on the market today becoming immensely lucrative. This includes Bitcoin not only, but also others such as Ethereum and Ripple. Cryptocurrencies are currently the best investments available to the average person due to their volatile nature. Although they are classified as commodities instead of currencies, they have often been compared to stocks because of their high trading value and speculative nature.

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