10 Best Websites and Tools Every Web Developer Should Use

10 Best Websites and Tools Every Web Developer Should Use
October 06, 2021

To increase productivity and creativity we should use the best tools and websites available in the market. It improves our work quality and saves our time. Here I am sharing the best websites which you should check now.


On this website, you will get the best design creatives from designers around the world. Before starting to work on your software product you should refer to this website and get ideas of UI/UX and how to represent the data for a great user experience.


DevDocs combines multiple developer documentation. On this website, you will get documentation of almost all technologies used for web development.

DevDocs is free and open source. It was created by Thibaut Courouble and is operated by freeCodeCamp.


Trello is a Project Management and collaboration tool. This tool helps us to manage our project smoothly by creating boards and cards. It also provides automation functionality for Free to manage our tasks.


Before starting to work on any idea this tool is must use by everyone. This tool can be used by anyone in the company. You can draw wireframes, ER diagrams, Dataflow Diagrams, Project Architecture, Mindmap, etc.


This is a great AI tool developed by Microsoft. Which converts Handwritten drawings to prototype HTML. This helps us to create HTML quickly and saves a lot of time in creating a web page layout.


Figma is the best tool to design website and website assets. this is the most popular tool among UI and UX Designers. You can design your website here and get CSS to write HTML for your web page.


On this website, you will get the best resources to learn new skills and programming languages. And using the NextSkill tool you can find what are the best technologies to learn and why you should learn with the best resources.

8.Google PageSpeed

The user waits only 3 seconds to load, which means if the website is not loaded within 3 seconds user closes the tab and looks for another website. So using this tool you will get insights of page speed with mobile and desktop page scores and gives tips to improve the web page load speed.


Yes, you read right, Social media can help us to stay updated with what's going on in our field and we can learn new things from social media influencers. Many people spend 2-3 hours a day on social media. If we learn 2-3 topics daily we will learn 500-600 topics in a year on social media. Here I have given a screenshot of my Instagram page, You can follow this page to improve your web development skills.


Now everyone uses API on their website or app. To test API this is the best option for you, Using this tool you can send all type of requests with request payload, can save the request for future use, and share it with the team.

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