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Understanding NPM - Node.js Package Manager

You will learn the difference between development dependencies and dependencies, What is semantic versioning, and can you tell which type of versions there are? Configure NPM scripts and execute them and also have Explanation of executables and the difference between Mac and Windows.

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NPM Crash Course

This is a tutorial for beginners on how to use the npm package manager. You will learn things like installing and removing modules, updating modules, all about package.json, and so on.

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Node.js - NPM

This tutorial is intended to be valuable to software programmers. It is designed for those who want an introduction to Node.js and its architectural concepts.

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What is NPM? and Where NPM used?

Node.js is a powerful tool for creating modern web applications. The key to this power is npm, the Node Package Manager — the de facto way of managing dependencies in Node.js. Npm allows developers to create reusable packages and share them with others, making it easier for teams to collaborate and speeding up workflow.