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Udemy Courses
Spring & Hibernate for Beginners (includes Spring Boot)

You will watch and type in the lines of code with me in the videos. They will explain every line of code to help you learn Spring 5 key features: Core, Annotations, Java Config, AOP, Spring MVC, you will also get videos on Spring Boot 2, Spring Security, Spring REST, Spring Data JPA, Spring Data REST and Thymeleaf.

Udemy Courses
Spring Data JPA Using Hibernate

They will teach you how to work with the concepts of Object-Relational Mapping, including implementing Spring Data JPA and Hibernate. They will show you how to quickly perform CRUD operations on a database. Learn the different types of Hibernate Mappings, Implement Component Mapping, Learn and manage Transactions, etc.

Best Hibernate Youtube Courses and Tutorials

Hibernate Tutorial | Full Course

In this youtube tutorial, you will learn how to add Hibernate Plugin in Eclipse, Fetching Data Using Hibernate, How to use Embeddable Object, Mapping Relations Theory Mapping Relations Practical, Caching levels, Hibernate Query Language Theory, etc.

Hibernate Full Course

This video will show you the basic concepts of Hibernate and how to use them in detail. It will also include a practical session so you better understand how it works.

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Hibernate Tutorial for Beginners Learn step by step

This tutorial provides step-by-step instructions on using Hibernate. It is one of the most powerful and popular open source tools for the Java platform.

Hibernate Tutorial

This Hibernate tutorial covers in-depth concepts of the framework with simplified examples. It was created by Gavin King in 2001 as an alternative to EJB2 style entity beans.

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What is Hibernate? and Where Hibernate used?

Hibernate is a complete open-source framework for the development of Object-Oriented database applications. The framework is considered the most convenient way to persist Java objects in relational databases. The framework can be used with many database products, including Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. Hibernate supports advanced features, such as lazy loading, association management, and fetch groups.