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Git & GitHub Complete Masterclass : Beginner to Git Expert

They will teach you how to create a Git repository. modifications, adding and committing changes, inspecting repositories with a status and log check, and about branching basics. and learn how to change and revert your Git repository through checkout, reset, and clean.

Udemy Courses
Version Control with Git: Step-by-Step Tutorial!: 3-in-1

Learn to find out the git commands that you will use in every project such as git init, git add, git commit, git push, git pull, and git fetch. and you will learn to debug, revert and repair your code easily with other features such as Reset and Revert. With those tools, you can develop clean code with Git.

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Git Tutorial for Beginners

Learn the basics about Git: What Is Git?, GitHub Sign Up, GitHub Repository Creation, Branching in GitHub, Pull Requests, Merging in GitHub. Fork a repository to host it. Upload your project to GitHub.

How to use GitHub

This tutorial teaches you how to use GitHub. It walks you through the following topics: How to install GitHub, what is GitHub, how to use GitHub, making a repository, creating a branch, and making a commit.

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A tutorial introduction to Git

This is an official website of git, In this tutorial, they walk you through importing a new project into Git, making changes to it, and sharing those changes with the rest of your team, making a repository, creating a branch, and making a commit.

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What is Git? and Where Git used?

Git is a version control system for tracking changes in computer files and coordinating work on those files among multiple people. A typical use case might be when a team of programmers work together on the same project and want to keep track of what has changed and who changed it.