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Learn and Understand AngularJS

Understand the fundamental Javascript concepts that power AngularJS. Learn Angular JS terminologies, such as dependency injection, services, directives, model-view-controller, and more. Understand what a single-page application is.

Udemy Courses
AngularJS JumpStart with Dan Wahlin

Understand the benefits of Single Page Applications. Learn what Angular is and what it does. Know the key components, such as two-way data binding. Be able to explain routing and how important it is for Angular apps.

Best AngularJS Youtube Courses and Tutorials

AngularJS Tutorial

This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about angular.js and how to turn your app into a Single Page Application using only JavaScript!

Introduction to AngularJS

This course will teach you about all the important topics that you need to know in order to start of building your web application using AngularJS.

Best AngularJS Courses and Tutorials Websites

AngularJS Introduction (Basics)

This tutorial was designed to get you the information as quickly and easily as possible. First, you will learn the basics of AngularJS: directives, expressions, filters, and modules.

AngularJS Tutorial (Basics to Advance)

These tutorials will help the learner learn all about AngularJS from the very basics to an advanced level. These tutorials are broken down by section, with each section containing multiple tutorials.

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