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How to find my best skills to learn?

1. Select Development Type

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  • What is a front-end development?

    Front-end Developer is a job that deals with the presentation layer of a website. It can also be called as User Interface (UI) Developer, Web Developer or UI Engineer. Basically, a front-end developer is a professional who uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design and create a functional interface for the user through which users interact with the application.
  • What is a back-end development?

    Back end development is a type of web development process used to create complex websites. It involves, among other things, working with server side computer languages such as Java, Perl, Python, PHP or ASP.NET to create dynamic and interactive web pages.
  • What is a full-stack development?

    Full Stack Web Development is the concept of becoming a master of all the processes that go into building a website. As opposed to just being a front-end developer or a back-end developer, you have the entire picture in mind from conception to completion. A full stack developer can work on all aspects of software development, including database design, server configuration, and web design.
2. Select your skills

To get a suitable roadmap for you choose your current skills, If you are new then select I am New Geek Option.

3. Get trending technologies to learn with best coures

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